Saturday, April 01, 2006

Welcome to my poker blog!


Welcome to my poker log! After reading a months worth of Pauly's Tao of poker and some of the people in his blogosphere I decided to start my own. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say... perhaps... possibly. By the way, great blog Pauly, if you ever read this.

So who am I? And what gives me authority to write this? Well as far as the second question goes, the interweb gives me authority to write this. I may not be the best that ever lived or the most knowledgeable, but's free expression at work. I think I'm as expert as anyone, and that's all that's important in blogland.

I'm a 38 year old hold em obsessed telecom guy from Vancouver Canada. I play music in an original hard rock band here (think Black Sabbath meets Jet meets tool meets Tom Waits if you can imagine that...then add a little bit of chili peppers groove and you'll get something that sounds nothing like us but grabs all our influences). I work full time at a pretty groovy day job and then I play poker either online at Doyle's Room (watch for twitchy67, usually owning up 20 to 50 dollar STT's but occasionally hanging out in HiLo Omaha pot limit or NL Hold 'Em in the 1-2 dollar range). When playing live I tend to play at the river rock in richmond where I've won both daily earlybirds that I've played and done ok at some cash games. Lost at some cash games too. I mainly play no limit cuz big limit games require a big buy in and little ones are so loose I get all frustrated and tilty.

My biggest weakness as a player is probably that I tend to play too fast. Occasionally I cost myself a bit of revenue by betting out the fish too soon or worse, playing too soon out of position and getting caught by a hidden set or something. I am also working very hard right now on listening to my head and throwing away the second nuts when I know my opponent has the top nuts. Which happens more than I'd probably like to admit. I do the old "well, I'm pretty sure he's got the 4th 7 but since I've got the big boat I'll just call him down, in case he's bluffing". I gotta tell you...99 times out of a hundred if I have that thought, it's right and I end up going "D'Oh! Im an idiot!". I was playing a no-limit game in California a couple weeks ago and that happened to me twice in a 30 minute period! But that's another story for another post.

I have a girlfriend I've been with for the better part of a decade, although we're struggling right now and I may be single soon. I have no kids that I'm aware of; although there was a pretty large opportunity for some that I'm not aware of in the 90's, nobody's ever contacted me about such. So I think I'm ok there.

I have been putting alot of thought recently into going pro. I definitely win more than I lose and I'm getting pretty good at tournaments as well. I have been working a bit recently on the discipline to start and stop at set times regardless of the roll and to take days off from the game. I figure if I'm gonna play for a living I should treat it like a business (a la Daniel Negreneau) and manage it properly. I do also tend to burn out if I play too many days in a row; my concentration falters and I make dumb errors. If I'm gonna lose money it's going to happen on the 8th day in a row of playing, not the second. This seems to happen whether I play for 30 minutes a day or 6 hours a day in that first 7 days. So I figure 5 days a week, 6 hours a day (unless it's a big tourney) and learn to stick with that, running hot or running cold.

I don't have a set roll right now; I've been carrying a bit of debt for a couple years (none of it poker debt, btw. This is how I know I'm not an addict...I only play when I have money), and I want to pay it off before I start creating a roll. So my tentative plan is to play when I can as I have been and put all winnings to my debt, also as I have been. When that's paid off, reward myself with a 5k starting roll and if I can get it to 10k in a few months part time or casual, take some time to seriously consider going pro.

Maybe this is a lame way to look at it; this idea of plotting it all out very carefully and wading in as opposed to diving head first... but that's my nature (I play poker the same way; I'm a very "tight aggressive" player; I seldom play crap and when I do play I play big and hard). I have owned a business or two in the past and I thought those out pretty carefully as well. They were moderately successful if not wealth generating and I always got out because I got bored or tired, not because I had problems. Other factors could affect it too...I could start my roll at 5k and then run bad for 3 months. I could run really good for a few months and get up quickly only to hit the wall and blow it all. I guess we'll see.

So there you go; probably the most personal, naked post you'll ever see in here from me. Now on to whining about bad beats... If you do see me out there playing say hi and mention that you've read my blog.

Friday, March 31, 2006


New poker blog...content to follow (I promise, sorta)